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We at Pedigree want to offer you access to a new platform with a growing

inventory of oral care special products and tips and tricks around the topic.

Making sure that you as dog parents can access all the information and help

necessary to improve your beloved dog’s oral care routine.

It's never been so easy to manage bad breath all whilst preventing paradontal disease.
And on top of that, a clean mouth makes for a happy, healthy dog!

À partir de 0,35 € par jour

Just like so many other pet parents (4 our of 5 ! * ) you may not know how important it is to maintain an oral care routine for your dog.
Ideally that routine should be daily - so no better reason to choose a subscription on your own terms to get the best offers, directly delivered to your door and never run out?

Qu'est-ce que je reçois ?

Outre les chiens heureux, souriants et remuant la queue, heureux d'avoir leurs friandises dentaires préférées, nous proposons désormais des accessoires premium et des kits pré-conçus.

Fabriqués en partenariat avec Accesia, nos nouveaux paquets et kits haut de gamme incluent :

Jusqu'à 3 mois d'approvisionnement en Dentastix ou Dentastix Fresh.

Des sacs de Chewy Chunx

1 brosse à dents Accesia de forme spéciale ou 3 Doigtiers SoftySwipes pour une plus grande facilité d'utilisation

Dentifrice Accesia enrichi à l'eucalyptus (que nos toutous adorent !)

Simply choose your bundle to save and add extras to upgrade to a premium bundle for additional, professional protection and extra treats ... or simply pick-and-choose items you want to have delivered.

Choose to subscribe and save even more !

Not happy? No problem! Amend, pause or stop your subscription any time you need, no strings attached.

Coming soon: Greenies grain free dental treats with options for extra small dogs !


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It's simple. It's easy. Let us show you ...

Choose base kit

Choose simple product or bundle that suits you best ...

Do you want to give your dog a daily treat that helps cleaning his teath and prevent paradontal disease? Go for one of our Dentastix Daily bundles, Chewy Chunx

Does your doggie have bad breath? Go for our Dentastix Fresh bundles (have a look at these offers)


Add your extras

To build a premium kit or add some extra items to your order add toothpaste, tooth brush or softy swipes for those dogs and pet parents who are not quite ready yet.

Choose terms

You are free to choose between single orders or

Need help?

Our dogs love Dentastix but every dog is differnt and starting a oral care routine can be challenging.
So if you feel like you need some help about our products and accessories or some support around an oral care routine for your dog, please get in touch with our local team. We're here to help you and your dog.

Simply click on the button in the bottom right to start chatting or click below to leave us a message via our contact page.

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